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School Uniform




For Primary and High School

Boys      :       Dark Grey Pant, Light Blue Shirt, Dark Grey Tie, White Socks and Black Shoes

Girls       :       Dark Grey Skirt, Light Blue Shirt, Red Lining Tie, White Colour Legging, White Socks and Black Shoes

For Nursery and Junior K.G

Boys      :       Pink T-Shirt, Blue Half Pant, White Socks and Black Shoes

Girls       :       Pink T-Shirt, Blue Skirt, White Socks and Black Shoes

Uniform During Winter

Boys      :       Maroon Colour Sweater and Maroon Cap/Scarf

Girls       :       Maroon Colour Sweater and White Colour Legging

Uniform on Wednesdays

Red Colour T-Shirt

Blue Colour Jeans



1) We are very particular that specified shade be used for the School Uniform to maintain uniformity and smartness. Therefore all students are expected to be dressed in the uniform as specified. If a student fails to adhere to the uniform regulations, he/she won't be admitted to the school.

2) The School Uniform is tailored at: