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At Muktajivan School, we help faculty, students, guardians to strive to solve problems. We do this with cutting edge research rooted in real-world challenges and by helping our students and faculty ask excellent questions to create real-world change.

Our students come here to learn how to ask incisive questions rather than follow the latest fads. They participate in an atmosphere of searching, rigorous thinking and go-getting spirit.

Since its inception, the school has forged a reputation as a centre of rigorous thinking and of high-impact transformative education. We are situated within one of the city's most prestigious places called Maninagar, Ahmedabad.

Ahmedabad is considered as an important hub for higher education in India and its history is stretching back to pre-independence era. Though Ahmedabad had a world class university imparting education through English medium, the city had only few English medium schools.

In order to bridge this gap in school education and with the object of providing high quality education at affordable cost to the citizens of Ahmedabad, the Muktajivan group of schools was formed in the year 1983. The journey began with setting up of the first school at Isanpur, a Gujarati medium school, fondly named as Shri Muktajivan High School. The students of the school have excelled in different fields over the years and have made outstanding contribution to the society.

The commitment of the management was so profound that it emerged with setting up an English medium school at Maninagar named as Muktajivan English School which was established in 2005. This was the second full fledged school set up by the Trust. The goal of the school is to provide quality education and to become the finest institution for its quality and excellence in Education. It is a co-educational English Medium School and have Pre-primary, Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary Sections. The school follows the syllabus laid down by the Gujarat State Education Board.


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