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Guidelines for Parents

We request parents to help us realise our objectives through their active cooperation and support and to observe the following guidelines:

1) Talk with your children about school and everyday events. Talk in English only.
2) Read to your children and with your children. Encourage them to read for pleasure and to talk about what they read.
3) Promote good manners. Parents must teach them.
4) Don't compare your child with others. Each child is unique.
5) Please see and sign the progress reports carefully which will be issued after exam.
6) To secure all that is best in the education of your child. You are requested to look into your child's almanac everyday.
7) You should not go to the classroom directly during school hours. You may contact the teachers either after the school hours or on Saturdays after school hours. You are always welcome but with prior appointment.
8) Be affectionate with your children.
9) Encourage your children to express themselves.
10) Your child should not be called home during school hours. However, in cases of emergency, he/she will be sent home provided a written request from made by you.



Rules of Payments


1) Timing for payment of fees - 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM
2) Fees are payable quarterly.
3) Students with pending fees will not be allowed to sit for examination.
4) Full fees are to be paid even if the pupil is absent for the whole month.
5) If fees are overdue by two months, admission to class may be refused.
6) Parents and guardians are requested to verify that entries are made in fees card and receipts.
7) Cheque should be drawn in as follows.

• For Secondary - "Muktajivan English School"

• For Primary - "Muktajivan English Primary School"

• For Pre-Primary - "Muktajivan English Pre Primary School"



School Discipline

1) Each pupil must bring his/her school diary to school everyday with his/her photograph and identification card with complete information. Student must wear their identity card daily.
2) No child will be admitted without the complete uniform. Every Wednesday students of 1st onwards have to wear Red colour T-Shirt and Blue colour Jeans. During winter, the children have to wear a Maroon colour sweater (Cardigan).
3) Personal cleanliness and hygiene are generally recommended. Every pupil must come in a neat and clean uniform.
4) They must complete their school work regularly. Bring books according to the time table given.
5) The school is not responsible for loss of water bottles, tiffin boxes, pencils, pens, money or any costly articles in possession of the pupils.
6) Student will not be allowed to go home in between school hours except some unavoidable circumstances.
7) Strict action will be taken against the student who remains absent without prior written permission.
8) A medical certificate should be provided if a student is not able to attend the school due to any health issue.
9) All pupils are expected to contribute to the school by practicing good manners and maintaining discipline.