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Yashgathao Ki Bhumi 2020 - The Annual Function which was celebrated in 12th January 2020  with glitz in Muktajivan School evoked the moods by the presentations that transcended the barriers of culture and language. Touching the saffron strings of priceless freedom, the elegantly extended cultural extravaganza ended with the saga of master strokes played by the amalgamation of musical and nostalgic melodies comprising of nearly 1000 students. The entire function was vibrant and lively.

Principal Mr. Harish Thakkar in his inspiring speech briefed the audience with the philosophy of the school, inculcation of life skills and value based education, global citizenship and plethora of activities conducted in the school. He said that the students come here to learn how to ask incisive questions rather than follow the latest fads. They participate in an atmosphere of searching, rigorous thinking and go-getting spirit. Since its inception, the school has forged a reputation as a centre of rigorous thinking and of high-impact transformative education.